14. English Confirmation School.

Camp: 29.7-5.8.2024

Place: Hvittorp, Kirkkonummi

Konfirmation: Sat. 10.8.2023 at 2 pm, in Olari Church

WHAT IF I DON’T SPEAK FINNISH or want a more international experience?

ECS 2024 is the answer! Olari parish (Espoo) and St. Matthew’s International Lutheran Church (Helsinki) together organize an English Confirmation School in Hvittorp, 29.7.-5.8.2024. Confirmation is in Olari Church 10.8. at 14 o’clock. For details, please contact pastor Anna Poutiainen anna.poutiainen(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)evl.fi or 050 308 0803.

Price 180 €
The fee includes teaching, study materials, insurance, transportation, and full boarding at the camp centre. It is possible to apply for a discount or fee waiver on financial grounds.


11.4.2024 First meeting in Teams (trainees and parents)

at 18 o’clock both parents and trainees; general information on the confirmation school. At 19 o’clock trainees only.

14.4.2024 Worship Service in St. Matthew’s International Lutheran Church, Helsinki

at 12 o’clock we will meet in Matteuksenkirkko, Turunlinnantie 3, Helsinki (near Itäkeskus metro station). At 14 o’clock mass in the same location.

5.5.2024 Espoo International Lutheran Worship in Matinkappeli, Espoo

at 15 o’clock we will meet in Matinkappeli, Liisankuja 3, Espoo. At 17 mass in the same location.

26.7.2024 Orientation to camp life in Olari Church, Espoo

at 14 o’clock we will meet in Olari church (Rälssitilankuja 1, Espoo).

29.7. – 5.8.2024 Camp in Hvittorp

more details later.

9.8.2024 Confirmation rehearsal and photos

at 14 o’clock in Olari church.

10.8.2024 Confirmation

at 14 o’clock Mass in Olari church! Welcome family, godparents and friends!

We meet in many different locations so please always double check the venue of the meeting!

Link to Hvittorp pages

Other language – Kirkko Espoossa (espoonseurakunnat.fi)